Heart for the House

Coming together as a church to prepare for the soon coming end time revival.

Why Heart for the House

The heartbeat of Peckville Assembly of God has been beating through the generations for over 100 years. Echoing the heart beat of God from the hills over this valley into the hearts of people both near and far. Over the years thousands of people have walked through these doors and encountered a real and loving God. So our question to you is this - who is next? Who is the next person who will come in sick and leave healed? Who is the next person who comes in broken and leaves whole? Who is the next person who comes in lonely and leaves loved?

As we embark on the journey called Heart for the House we are asking you this - who do you want to see come to know Jesus through this family we call PAG? Will you pray about your part? Asking God to lead your giving as we join together, united, with one purpose - to reach the lost with the message of Jesus Christ. One vision. One purpose. One Heart for the House.

Our Goal

It is without question that we are  living in the final hours of time. Acts 2: 17 is like a siren ringing in our ears -  "In the Last Days," God says, "I will pour out my Spirit on every kind of people: Your sons will prophesy, also your daughters; Your young men will see visions, your old men dream dreams.”

As the church we have to be expecting that this end-time harvest is coming to this house. We have to prepare ourselves and our facility to be the most effective in reaching the lost with the message of Jesus Christ.

Prepare & Equip for the Future

PREPARE - We have been blessed to call this campus home for the past 16 years. Many areas and systems are now in need of repair. We want to make sure our facility is functioning at its best.

EQUIP - As this family continues to grow, our staff needs to grow with it. We are looking to on-board more staff to help carry out our vision and serve you at a high level of skill and dedication.

What this means for you


Ask God to speak to you about a specific gift that He would have you to give. Pray for the leadership and for the lost who we are reaching.


Sunday, November 19th is Commitment Sunday when we will be bringing out pledges along with a first fruits gift to start this 18 month initiative.